Advisory Board

The EUreka3D Advisory Board is a consultative body formed by experts representing cultural institutions, cultural heritage research teams and international organisations. It advises the project, provides feedback on its activities, and liaises it with the cultural heritage and research community.

The Advisory Board members are invited to join project meetings and to take part in EUreka3D public activities.

Dr Eleanor Fink
Expert on information policies, documentation practices and standards in cultural heritage organisations.  She has held senior positions at the Smithsonian, J. Paul Getty Trust, the World Bank, and Museum Computer Network. She is currently leading the American Art Collaborative, a consortium of 14 museums interested in creating Linked Open Data.

Prof. Monika Hagedorn-Saupe
Expert on museology, digitisation and museum documentation, and cultural portals. She is currently president of the German Association for Information and knowledge (DGI) and one of the German representatives in CEDCHE (Expert Group on a common European Data Space for Cultural Heritage). She is past president of ICOMs International Committee for Documentation (CIDOC).

Prof. Isto Huvila
Researcher on digital objects documentation and paradata in the cultural heritage and archaeology domains. He holds the chair in information studies at the Department of ALM (Archival Studies, Library and Information Studies and Museums and Cultural Heritage Studies) at Uppsala University. 

M. A. Dominik Lukas
Researcher on the development of databases for social sciences, archaeology and cultural heritage at the University of Chicago. He has professional experience in archaeological fieldwork for organisations such as the German Archaeological Institute (DAI), at the Excellence Cluster Topoi (Berlin) and the Çatalhöyük Research Project at Stanford University.

Dr Costas Papadopoulos
Researcher on 3D heritage visualisation particularly looking at digital (re)constructions for analytic and sensory studies. He is the PI of PURE3D: An Infrastructure for the Publication and Preservation of 3D Scholarship and Coordinator of the newly-founded lab: ‘The Plant: Playground and Laboratory for New Technologies’ at Maastricht University.
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