The editorial plan for EUreka3D is to publish a minimum of 17 editorials at Europeana and Europeana Pro. This plan aims to alternate galleries with blog articles and intends to publish:  

  • 4 Europeana blogs to show the collections from content providers
  • 3 Europeana Pro to publish articles on high quality 3D digitisation, capacity building and new services and tools
  • 10 Europeana galleries created by content providers to showcase aggregated 3D digitised content and some other galleries combining existing content from Europeana and new 3D digitised content within the project framework

EUreka3D proposed editorial calendar, with tentative publication dates:

VIGIE studyEuropeana Pronews post14/04/2023
3D digitisation – its history and future – versions EN, ES, ITEuropeanablogpostAugust 2023
gallery on 3D wonders in EuropeanaEuropeanagalleryAugust 2023
Optical views: a way to travel through Europe (CRDI), versions EN, ES, ITEuropeanablogpostOctober 2023
gallery on pre-cinema objectsEuropeanagalleryNovember 2024
Bibracte’s archaeological content and tourism (Bibracte), versions EN, ES, FR, ITEuropeanablogpostJanuary 2024
gallery on 3D archaeological content in EuropeanaEuropeanagalleryDecember 2023
Discover how the EUreka3D project supports 3D in the data space for cultural heritageEuropeana Pronews postJanuary 2024
Museo della Carta’s heritage collectionEuropeanablogpostJuly 2024
gallery on paper collectionsEuropeanagalleryOctober 2024
gallery on famous monuments in 3D in EuropeanaEuropeanagalleryApril 2024
3D scanning preserves a Cypriot village for the futureEuropeana Pronews postMay 2024
Bibracte exploits the potential of 3D digitisationEuropeana Pronews postJune 2024
Technical innovation in 3D digitisation, by imecEuropeana Pronews postJune 2024
gallery on 3D in EuropeanaEuropeanagalleryJuly 2024
EUreka3D’s cloud-based services and toolsEuropeana Pronews postAugust 2024
Blog post about the magic lantern, by CRDIEuropeanablogpostSeptember 2024
gallery on newly digitised content by Museo della cartaEuropeanagalleryNovember 2024
gallery on newly digitised content by CRDIEuropeanagalleryNovember 2024
gallery on newly digitised content by BibracteEuropeanagalleryNovember 2024
Wrap-up post of the projectEuropeana Pronews postDecember 2024
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