EUreka3D Data Hub

EUreka3D is working to provide support, capacity building and some solutions to the challenges faced by Cultural Heritage Institutions (CHIs) in their digital transformation journey, particularly concerning the implementation of high quality 3D digitisation.

CHIs need support and technical solutions to enable their collections to transit to the digital realm and then be offered to users. Eureka3D will fulfil this need through the development of the EUreka3D Data Hub, a pilot e-infrastructure including various useful features that institutions can use in managing their 3D assets and related information, and through the development of a capacity-building programme and resources.

EUreka3D: Implementing a Data Hub and services in the Data Space for Cultural Heritage

The EUreka3D platform is currently being developed by partner EGI Foundation in collaboration with Cyfronet, involving e-infrastructure providers and cultural heritage institutions. It is an essential component of the EUreka3D project and offers solutions for data, metadata and paradata management and storage, and for delivering 3D collections to users’ platforms like Europeana.  

The EUreka3D platform is technically supported by different components; three of them are the core of the EUreka3D technical platform:

  • The EGI Check-in service, an Identity and Access Management system that supports the processes of authentication (verifying who the user is) and authorisation (reporting what a user can do in a system).
  • EGI Cloud Compute, which provides virtual servers in the cloud on demand. Cloud technologies address the intrinsic problems associated with the management of physical servers, such as cost and time-consuming procurement processes, expertise to manage and maintain them, hardware failure and scalability.
  • The EGI DataHub, which provides a federated distributed system for data management and data publication. DataHub relies heavily on the cloud storage available for EUreka3D, which is one of the core components of the project. DataHub can also communicate with the Europeana platform to perform the required content aggregation.
EUreka3D Data Hub and workflow – general overview. CC BY-SA EUreka3D consortium
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