EUreka3D at INCULTUM International conference

12 April 2024

The INCULTUM project is approaching the conclusion of the EU funding period. A final event is planned to take place on 12 April, 2024 in Guadix, Andalusia (Spain), organised by the project’s coordinator University of Granada and hosted by ENTURNA Escuela Internacional de Turismo Rural y Naturaleza (International School of Rural Tourism). The conference will be an occasion to present results and outcomes of INCULTUM, to prepare for further exploitation by the partners, and to trigger the next implementation and replication phases in new areas across the European Union.

INCULTUM is an associated partner of EUreka3D, with a stake in exploring how digitisation, and particularly digitisation in 3D of monuments and sites, can support territory promotion and heritage diffusion. EUreka3D will be represented in the conference with the participation of the project coordinator Antonella Fresa and with a poster displaying the project’s 3D digitisation journey.

More information and programme

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