Spanish Presidency Europeana Conference

EUreka3D takes part at the conference with the discussion about 3D data governance and access

17 October 2023

EUreka3D project will be presented at the Spanish Presidency Europeana conference, which will take place on 17 October 2023 (9h – 16h CET) in Pamplona and online. The conference ‘Accelerating 3D in the common European data space for cultural heritage: Building capacity for 3D’ will be organised by Europeana Foundation in collaboration with Spain’s Ministry of Culture and Sports. The event will explore some of the aspects of building the capacities of heritage professionals in creating and making available high-quality 3D data in the common European data space for cultural heritage and in our sector.  

EUreka3D project will be part of this event during ‘Part III ― 3D Data Governance & Access, with the participation of project coordinator Antonella Fresa. The discussion will focus on the challenges around the governance and status of copyright for 3D content. The session will be supported by a few practical use cases.

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