Twin it! campaign final event

14 May 2024

EUreka3D at the Twin it! final event

EUreka3D was present at the Europeana Twin it! campaign final high-level event in Brussels, in the framework of the Belgian Presidency. The project was featured in a dedicated booth where the main project outcomes and goals were presented through videos and printed visual materials. In the context of the event, EUreka3D presented the efforts done by partner CUT Cyprus University of Technology, to digitally preserve the historical Lambousa boat in Limassol, which resulted in a top quality 3D model produced according to the VIGIE Study 2020/654 on quality in 3D digitisation of tangible cultural heritage. The model is made available for any stakeholder via the EUreka3D Data Hub and on Europeana as a specific contribution of the EUreka3D project in the Twin It! campaign.

This event (by invitation only) included three main components: a high-level conference, expert panel discussion and a Twin it! interactive exploration fair, which presented various stories from the most valuable projects supporting the data space and 3D digital heritage, including EUreka3D

Under Twin it!, the Ministries of Culture of the European Union Member States have been invited to liaise with their national cultural institutions to submit one 3D digitised heritage asset to the common European data space for cultural heritage, deployed by the Europeana Initiative. The goal of the campaign was to collect and showcase emblematic and high-quality samples of Europe’s cultural assets in 3D, while supporting Member States in their 3D digitisation and preservation efforts.

During the Twin it! initiative, the EUreka3D project has been actively supporting the campaign by offering training activities under the Twin it! label. These labelled activities devoted to 3D digitisation and Cultural Heritage have contributed to multidisciplinary capacity-building of heritage professionals in 3D digitisation.

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