Webinar: Paradata, Metadata and Data for 3D acquisition in cultural heritage

8 April 2024 2 – 5 pm CEST

This webinar will bring together professionals from the spectrum of Digital Cultural Heritage practice to share their experiences of using and working with paradata seeking to lay down a common understanding of paradata as a first step towards a community-built set of standards and expectations for its application to 3D documentation and the creation of knowledge.

Organized by UNESCO Chair on Digital Cultural Heritage at Cyprus University of Technology in collaboration with EUreka3D, this webinar discusses the most advanced requirements and cases of the use of paradata and metadata in the digital documentation of the Past in 3D, for enriching 3D assets, creating knowledge and promoting reusability.

The webinar is addressed to the Digital Cultural Heritage community to establish a definitive description and differentiation of what paradata and metadata are, and the benefits they are bringing to the stakeholders, owners, multidisciplinary community and digital scholarship, as well as to the European Commission.

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Call for abstracts is open
Abstracts should be no larger than one side of A4 and can be submitted via email to unesco_dch@cut.ac.cy no later than the 29th March 2024.

Registration to the online event and full papers publication are free of charge.

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