EUreka3D at the Spring edition of Europeana Aggregators Forum 2024

25-26 March 2024

Updates on EUreka3D development were presented to colleague institutions, partners and Europeana aggregators

The Europeana ecosystem and network of Aggregators and partners gathered together in the Europeana Aggregators Forum online, on 25-26 March 2024.

In this occasion, updates on EUreka3D development were presented to colleague institutions, partners and Europeana aggregators by the Project Coordinator Antonella Fresa, vice president of Photoconsortium, and Valentina Bachi, project manager.

View the EUreka3D presentation

During the event, a variety of topics were presented and discussed in the group. The activities currently ongoing to deploy the data space for cultural heritage played a big role on the agenda as the work of Europeana aggregators is essential to the data space‘s success, also considering different types of data to be published and of aggregation scenarios that may develop in the future. Another important topic on the table was the discussion and collection of requirements for the provision of persistent and unique identifiers (PIDs) for the datasets to be aggregated in the data space, which will support efforts to grant sustainability and availability of online cultural content in the long term.

In this light, EUreka3D project offers to the users of the EUreka3D Data Hub, publicly presented in a demo event in December 2023, the possibility of creating and embedding PIDs for the 3D objects managed and shared in the Data Hub. This is an innovative feature that the EUreka3D project is developing to support CHIs in all the phases and steps for the publication of their datasets in the data space for cultural heritage.

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